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1) Hoong C, Surovtsev I, Beltran B, Huang F, Bewersdorf J, Jacobs-Wagner C. Evidence for a DNA-relay mechanism in ParABS-mediated chromosome segregation. eLife. (2014)
2) Campos M, Surovtsev I, Kato S, Paintdakhi A, Beltran B, Jacobs-Wagner C. Bacterial Cell Size Homeostasis Through a Constant Elongation Mechanism. Cell. (2014)
3) Modeling mRNA decay in E. coli at various levels of spatio-temporal detail. (in progress)
4) Sharp growth estimates for sub-diagonal Padé approximants with applications to approximating operator semigroups. (Undergraduate Thesis)

My current work focuses on modeling various intra-cellular processes mathematically. In particular, I'm interested in the level of spatio-temporal detail required to produce accurate mechanistically-inspired models for the chemical processes underlying mRNA degradation, chromosome segregation, and, more in general, cell cycle regulation.

In the past I have worked on modeling more macroscopic phenomenon, such as aneurysm formation at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute at Arizona State University under Dr. Carlos Castillo-Chavez, and I have also worked on purely mathematical problems, such as my work using Mathematica to prove error bounds important in the approximation of strongly continuous operator semigroups with Dr. Frank Neubrander at Louisiana State University.

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in the Chemical and Systems Biology Department at Stanford university and a Mathematics graduate from Louisiana State University. My hobbies include teaching math to whoever will listen, singing along to my piano or guitar whenever my friends need cheering up, and coding--I am a bit of a programming language geek.

I grew up coding in C, so questions about efficiency and architecture-dependent considerations still very much interest me, and influence the focus of my mathematical work on model reduction.

If I'm not coding, you'll find me looking for rocks to climb.


Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions about the research projects I've been a part of, the website, or if you have a mathematical/biological tidbit you think I'd be interested in!
My gmail account is: brunobeltran0.